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Archaeological Park - the roman city

The entrance to the circular route is located directly at the parking lot of the visitor center Petronell-Carnuntum. The walk leads first to the amphitheater of civilian town in Petronell. Here we let the magic of the place work on us and imagine the atmosphere, as up to 12,000 visitors to this venue cheered the gladiators. From the amphitheater, the path leads to the next, only a few hundred meters away, Roman splendor, the Heidentor. The Heidentor is Austria's most famous Roman monument and landmark of the Carnuntum region.

Through the streets of Petronell-Carnuntum we come to the main square, where the Trinity Column is enthroned. Here the path branches off to Bad Deutsch-Altenburg. To complete the circuit, head first to the castle and then past the Roman quarter back to the visitor center.

The original splendor of the entire Roman city has been digitally reconstructed, information panels along the paths give insights. Two of these locations are the Auxiliary Palace and the Legion Camp with the amphitheater of the military town, which is on the way to Bad Deutsch-Altenburg.

The treasure map for the Roman Treasure Hunt is available in the Roman town of Carnuntum, Hauptstraße 1a, and in the regional office of Donau Niederösterreich Tourismus in Hauptstraße 3 in Petronell. With the treasure map we make our way and explore the area of the former Roman city Carnuntum. 10 puzzles along the route have to solve small puzzles, which at the end result in a solution word.

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